The desert…listen…it speaks.

The desert is a beautiful place.  When in bloom, it’s spectacular.  Here are a few photos I took while out mountain biking at Usery Park, Mcdowell Mnt Park, and Tumbleweed park (I wasn’t mountain biking here.  I was assisting on a photo shoot).  While mountain biking out at Usery, my biking buddy suggested stopping, closing eyes, and just listening.  Without the sound of dirt and gravel crunching underneath tires and the wind in your ears, I heard a dull, yet surprisingly loud, rushing sound.  Much like you hear when you are near a busy road.  It wasn’t road.  It was the sound of thousands of arthropods (bees and all variety of insects).  It was a mass harvest while the flora are in bloom.  The only time I’ve heard such a “roar” was being in close proximity of a beehive.  Not so this time.  It was wide open desert and it had something to say.  Shhhh.   Listen.  It speaks.  It’s fascinating.