TED talks are great sources of inspiration. Insightful, funny, mind-blowing, innovative, creative, are just a few adjectives that come to mind describing these masterful vignettes of Technology Education and Design. I’ve been pouring over TED talks when I can find the time (or if I feel the need to balance out my binges of wasteful time from watching Fringe, The Walking Dead, or Burn Notice which can be argued isn’t a waste of time…but I digress). I recently watched a TED talk that I felt was particularly spot-on. I did not grow up with all the cool toys (tools) my children have never known life without (Wireless, smart phones, social media, awesome video games, and a host of other distractions). I also grew up when personal communication was either face-to-face, through snail mail, or on a landline. Face-to-face communication was a necessary skill and I was taught to look people in the eye. It’s a show of respect and attentiveness. Even as I have adapted to the tools we have today I have caught myself deviating from the old ways. It is for this reason I find this talk particularly poignant. It is one of the longer talks I’ve viewed on TED so if you can keep your ADD in check it will be worth it. Enjoy.


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