New blog. New chapter. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

I love cycling.  Love it!  I would even be so dramatic as to say my life depends on it.  I’ve called this blog Riding A Bike With No Hands because it’s about discovery, the thrill of learning something new and the exquisite joy of achievement. If you know how to ride a bike then do you remember learning how to ride?  Did you do so with training wheels, then without, then learned to ride hands free?  Then perhaps even popping your first wheelie?  Do you remember how it felt?  That is what this blog is about.  So…Welcome to my new blog.  Welcome to prodarrin on WordPress. This blog is dedicated to all things professional in my life.  My interests, passions, and stuff in general that I just find too damn cool that to not share would be a crime.  I’ll delve into ideas (aka rants and raves) relative to business, leadership, management, entrepreneurship, customer service, project management, technology, and current events.  I may also be venturing into areas that one might think have no place in a professional setting.  A gray area here would be spirituality.  Sure, it wouldn’t be gray if you were a clergyman but I’m not of that profession.  I call it a gray area because it bleeds into our professional lives whether we realize it or not.  Most of us lead dual lives.  One life is the professional you and the other is that which defines you when you are not in the office…sort of.  It is part of what makes you…well, you.

I have other blogs I maintain when there is something worth reporting.  Sites such as MTB50  where I chronicle my adventures in what I call the Mountain Bike 50 tour.  It’s an attempt I am making at mountain biking in all 50 states before I am dead or can’t bike anymore.  As of this writing I have been able to check off 19 states.

I hope you enjoy your time here, check back regularly, and let me know what you think (Be kind.  This is a work in progress and ever changing).   I have a goal to contribute to this site at least once a week.  Enjoy your stay.